Who We Are

Child of Haiti is a registered charity (Ref. 19840)
established in 2011 to help and support the poor
and disadvantaged children of Haiti. We have no
staff in Ireland or Haiti; no professional fund-raisers,
no paid-for offices, no charity owned transport,
we pay no expenses or bonuses to anyone.
Only great Irish volunteers make it happen!

For our capital building projects, our volunteers
are mainly skilled workers from the construction
industry and many more volunteers. They all pay
their own way to and from Haiti and cover their
own expenses.

We are supported by many good Irish people who
help our fellow volunteers to raise the money
to spend on these vital capital projects in Haiti.
Every cent goes to the end use!

What We DO

In Haiti, 50% of children don’t attend school,
and of those that do, 60% will not make it past 6th grade.

We’re on a mission to change that and here’s how..

school icon

School and Orphanage Building
and Renovation Programme

We undertake reconstruction projects
on local schools and orphanages
in the Gonaives region of Haiti.

education icon

Child Education Programme

Over 600 children benefit from our
education programme which is aimed at
poor and orphaned children of Haiti.


Get In Touch

    Child of Haiti is a registered charity (Ref. 19840)
    established in 2011 to help and support the poor
    and disadvantaged Children of Haiti.

    Our Mission: To provide better standards of education for the almost 4 million school eligible Children of Haiti.